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Invitrogen™ Caspase Assays

Caspase Assays for Flow Cytometry

A distinctive feature of the early stages of apoptosis is the activation of caspase enzymes, which participate in the cleavage of protein substrates and in the subsequent disassembly of the cell. We provide a series of caspase assays that allow the simple detection of active caspases in living cells by flow cytometry.

Invitrogen™ Calibration and Size Reference Beads

  • Confidence—ensure the reliability of optimal daily instrument performance
  • Reliability—minimal variation for consistent data acquisition
  • Compatibility—full range of tools for any instrument

Invitrogen™ Attune NxT™ Flow Cytometer

Novel technology for precision and speed

Invitrogen™ eBioscience Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Invitrogen™ Cell Cycle Assays

Cell Cycle Assays for Flow Cytometry

Invitrogen™ Cell Counting Beads

Flow Cytometry Cell Counting Beads

Invitrogen™ EVOS FLoid Cell Imaging Station

Tired of complicated microscopes?

Easy. Fast. Affordable.

Invitrogen™ Compensation Beads

What are compensation beads?

Compensation beads capture species-specific antibodies conjugated to fluorophores and other types of reagents. The purpose of these beads is to set voltages and gating parameters for obtaining accurate fluorescence signal.

Invitrogen™ Attune NxT™ Autosamplers

Efficient. Flexible. Transformative.

Now you are able to choose the option that best suits your throughput and experimental needs. Based on the proven performance of the Attune NxT Autosampler, the CytKick Autosampler and CytKick Max Autosampler models are designed to offer walk-away automation seamlessly integrated with your Attune NxT Flow Cytometer for increased productivity and added choice.

Invitrogen™ 2020 Attune NxT™ Flow Cytometer

Efficient. Flexible. Transformative.

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