Invitrogen™ Cell Cycle Assays

Cell Cycle Assays for Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry, in conjunction with modeling algorithms, provides a powerful tool to assess cells in G0/G1 phase versus S phase, G2, or polyploidy. We offer a series of fluorescent dyes to allow accurate cell cycle analysis in either live or fixed cell populations.

Live cell cycle assays

The Invitrogen Vybrant DyeCycle family of dyes offers robust fluorescent dyes for live cell cycle analysis with limited cytotoxicity using 405, 488, 532, or 633 nm excitation. The dyes have low cytotoxicity, allowing stained cells to be sorted and otherwise cultured or assessed with functional assays after staining.

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Fixed cell cycle assays

Analyzing cell cycle using Invitrogen FxCycle Violet, Invitrogen SYTOX AADvanced, or Invitrogen FxCycle Far Red stains allows for multiple color options for simplified fixed cell cycle analysis.

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