Invitrogen™ Attune NxT™ Autosamplers

Efficient. Flexible. Transformative.

Now you are able to choose the option that best suits your throughput and experimental needs. Based on the proven performance of the Attune NxT Autosampler, the CytKick Autosampler and CytKick Max Autosampler models are designed to offer walk-away automation seamlessly integrated with your Attune NxT Flow Cytometer for increased productivity and added choice.

All Attune NxT Autosampler models offer the following:

  • Broad compatibility—compatible with many different plate formats, including 96-well, 384-well, and deep-well plates (up to 2 mL) and 1.5 mL and 2.0 mL tube racks – up to 24 tubes per vessel (CytKick Max Autosampler)
  • Intelligent probe—intelligent probe design minimizes clogging and carryover (0.5%) and prevents damage to the instrument
  • Auto cleaning—performs automated cleaning when the instrument is shutting down
  • Consistent data—designed to provide minimal variation within a plate
  • Mixing method—aspiration and stirring depending upon well geometry and acquisition volume mixing sample by aspiration instead of shaking ensures homogeneity of the sample and maintains cell viability. See why mixing sample by aspiration is better
  • One-click transition—no disassembly, no additional QC, no reboot required for conversion between plates and tubes
  • Sample Cooling—passive cooling available in 96-well U-bottom plates and microcentrifuge tube racks