Invitrogen™ Attune NxT™ Flow Cytometer

Novel technology for precision and speed

Equipped with acoustic-assisted hydrodynamic focusing, the Invitrogen Attune NxT Flow Cytometer is able to achieve sample-throughput rates up to 10 times faster than traditional cytometers. This means that you can process samples more quickly and acquire sufficient events even from very dilute samples. In addition, the Attune NxT Flow Cytometer accommodates no-wash, no-lyse protocols, allowing you to collect data on samples that have been subjected to minimal handling.

"We have yet to clog the machine with our debris-rich primary tumor samples. Of course, the acoustic technology greatly facilitates the identification of small populations, like cancer stem cells, increasing our capacity to detect and quantify these rare events with high efficiency and reliability."

– Bruno Sainz Jr., PhD, Autonoma University of Madrid, School of Medicine