Invitrogen™ 2020 Attune NxT™ Flow Cytometer

Efficient. Flexible. Transformative.

The 2020 Attune NxT Flow Cytometer continues to offer more options, increased flexibility, and software updates that further improve performance, reliability, and robustness. Since its initial unveiling, the compact system with innovative acoustic technology is moving ahead with added new functionalities and capabilities making multiparametric flow cytometry available to both new and experienced researchers. Experience the difference acoustic assisted hydrodynamic focusing technology brings to your workflow.

A flow cytometer designed with your research in mind

  • Conserve sample and quickly run experiments with sample flow rates ranging from 12.5–1,000 μL/min
  • Intuitive software interface and easy-to-follow workflow that is quick to learn, teach and use
  • Save time and minimize cell handling with faster protocols
  • Expand your capabilities with up to 6 channels of detection off the violet laser