The EDUCATE environment provides links to a number of commercial and non-commercial resources relating to flow cytometry and antibody-based techniques. You can link directly to the suppliers' websites.

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Opto biolabs pxONE Optogenetics platform

Opto biolabs' pxONE is an LED illumination device designed to combine optogenetic experiments with flow cytometry. It illuminates cell samples homogenously and an attached water bath keeps the temperature stable. Software control allows easy selection of light intensity and exposure time.

Stratedigm A600 HTAS Auto Sampler

The A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS) enables a whole new way of running plate experiments. We designed the A600 with an all-ceramic precision pump and six injection probes working in concert. 

Invitrogen™ Attune NxT™ Autosamplers

Efficient. Flexible. Transformative.

Now you are able to choose the option that best suits your throughput and experimental needs. Based on the proven performance of the Attune NxT Autosampler, the CytKick Autosampler and CytKick Max Autosampler models are designed to offer walk-away automation seamlessly integrated with your Attune NxT Flow Cytometer for increased productivity and added choice.

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