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Miltenyi Biotec Webinar: Preparation Protocols

Join Dr. Frank Hardung and his webinar on easy preparation of cell samples, on magnetic labeling and separation of cells, and on quality control of cell separations. Optimizing these basic steps is a prerequisite to successful cell analysis.

Miltenyi Biotec Webinar: Sample Preparation

Join Dr. Frank Hardung and his webinar on sample preparation for flow cytometry – on tissue preparation, tissue dissociation, and sample clearance.

Miltenyi Biotec Antibody Panel Builder

  • Design complex multicolor panels with optimized flow cytometry antibodies
  • Directly order all products online and save time
  • Save your panels and orders in your favorites lists or shopping carts

Miltenyi Biotec Flow Cytometry Automation

  • Customized high-throughput solutions to meet versatile automation needs
  • Unrivaled reliability, convenience and ease of use
  • Expert support in establishing complex workflows and assay

Miltenyi Biotec Webinar: Rare Cell Analysis

Join Frank Hardung and his webinar on rare cell analysis in flow cytometry, its general approaches, and proper controls.

Miltenyi Biotec Customized Antibodies

Our Custom Antibody Design Service enables researchers to tailor personalized solutions for their flow cytometry applications, including pure, unlabeled antibodies, single- and multicolor antibody conjugates, as well as multicolor cocktails.

Miltenyi Biotec MACS™ Antibodies Portfolio

Miltenyi Biotec offers a huge range of fully validated antibodies suitable for multiple applications, such as flow cytometry, microscopy, and functional assays. The MACS™ Antibody Portfolio guarantees high performance consistency, with the majority manufactured using our innovative and proprietary recombinant antibody technology for unrivalled lot-to-lot reproducibility and standardization.  

Miltenyi Biotec Flowlogic™ Software

The all-in-one flow cytometry software

Miltenyi Biotec Webinar: Compensation

Learn about the details of how to setup a compensation workflow on a digital instrument such as the MACSQuant Analyzer, including the use of the MACSQuantify™ Software for automated compensation. Join Dr. Frank Hardung and his webinar on the compensation of spectral overlap in flow cytometry.

Miltenyi Biotec MACS™ Academy

Great scientists never stop learning. That’s why Miltenyi Biotec proudly offers you MACS™ Academy, your own personal training academy

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