The EDUCATE environment provides links to a number of commercial and non-commercial resources relating to flow cytometry and antibody-based techniques. You can link directly to the suppliers' websites.

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Miltenyi Biotec Customized Antibodies

Our Custom Antibody Design Service enables researchers to tailor personalized solutions for their flow cytometry applications, including pure, unlabeled antibodies, single- and multicolor antibody conjugates, as well as multicolor cocktails.

BioLegend Custom Conjugation Service

Whether you are looking for a different conjugate of our antibody or need a custom conjugation of your own antibody, BioLegend provides affordable, high-quality custom antibody conjugation service with unbeatable rapid turnaround times. 

BioLegend Custom Solutions

Specialized Products and Services Tailored for Your Research

Brought to you by the BioLegend Custom Solutions Team with over 100 years of combined research and manufacturing experience in developing conjugated antibodies, flow cytometry antibody cocktails, ELISAs, multiplex assays, bioassays, recombinant proteins, and custom antibody production.

BIO-RAD Bulk Antibody Production

We offer large scale production and purification for many of our catalog antibodies for assay manufacturing or a special project, either on a one-off basis or as part of an ongoing supply arrangement. Our antibodies are sold for research use only. If you are considering another use, including in vitro diagnostic testing, please indicate in the form below. 

BIO-RAD Custom Recombinant Antibody Generation

When you are trying to characterize a novel protein, or you have developed a unique biological product, often the specialized antibodies you need just don’t exist. What if there was a technology that could overcome this limitation, allowing you to carry out research that was previously impossible? Find out how Bio-Rad's custom antibody services can provide the solution. 

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