Miltenyi Biotec Flow Cytometry Automation

  • Customized high-throughput solutions to meet versatile automation needs
  • Unrivaled reliability, convenience and ease of use
  • Expert support in establishing complex workflows and assay

For cell biology projects that involve simultaneous performance of various assays with several cell types, an automated high-throughput flow cytometry solution is essential. All MACSQuant Flow Cytometers can easily  be integrated into robotic systems to meet this need.

In ongoing partnerships with Thermo Scientific™, Tecan, and Hamilton®, all leaders in lab automation, Miltenyi Biotec is collaborating to establish high-throughput flow cytometric endpoint measurement systems featuring MACSQuant Flow Cytometers.

Within an automated, high-throughput cell biology workflow our instruments can perform multiple tasks, including:

  • Fast and reliable multiparameter analysis of multiple samples (96- and 384-well sampling)
  • Viability assays such as analysis of apoptosis and proliferation (live/dead cell analysis for clinical trials), cell cycle, or the differentiation status of cells
  • Determination of absolute cell counts
  • Whole blood cell analysis
  • NK cell killing assays and more