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BIO-RAD Innate Immunity Antibodies

Application Specific Antibodies and Reagents for Immunological Research

Innate immunity is the front line, non-specific and immediate response to pathogens and to the unrecognized self. As a part of the larger immune system, innate immunity comprises a variety of molecules, cell types and signaling cascades which typically do not adapt to previous infection or vaccination. 

BioLegend Cell Markers

All cells express characteristic markers (proteins, lipids, glycosylation, etc.) that can be used to help distinguish unique cell types. Cell markers can be expressed both extracellularly on the cells surface or as an intracellular molecule. This page covers surface and intracellular cell markers for a variety of cell types including immune cells, stem cells, central nervous system cells, and more. Use the left hand navigation to find markers for your cells of interest.

BioLegend Tools for T Helper Cell Research

CD4 T helper cells are the primary orchestrators of the adaptive immune response, mediating a variety of cellular and humoral responses against pathogens and cancer. Although they lack any capacity to directly kill or engulf pathogens, they are powerful activators of effector cells such as macrophages, cytotoxic T cells, and B cells.


T cells are lymphocytes that, along with B cells, form the adaptive, cell-mediated immune response. There are several different types of T cells: 

BIO-RAD Immune Cell Markers Selection Tool

Choose a cell type or use the search bar to easily match markers to specific immune cells and find antibodies for your chosen markers.

BIO-RAD Myeloid Cells

Myeloid cells belong to the innate part of the immune system generated in the bone marrow from common myeloid progenitors. From the bone marrow they migrate into the blood and lymphatic system where they are the first line of defence against infections. However, unlike lymphoid cells such as B and T cells, the myeloid compartment of the immune system does not adapt to a previous infection or vaccination. 

BioLegend Areas of Biology and Cell Types

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