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BioLegend LEGENDScreen™

BioLegend's LEGENDScreen™ products are lyophilized, fluorophore-conjugated antibodies provided in 96-well plates for the purpose of screening cell surface molecules on your cells of interest.

BioLegend Essential Markers for Phenotyping

We understand that the Cell Markers page has many markers for you to examine. For a more simplified approach on phenotypic markers, you can check out the charts below, which lists markers commonly used in literature to identify populations of the given cell types. 

BioLegend Cell Markers

All cells express characteristic markers (proteins, lipids, glycosylation, etc.) that can be used to help distinguish unique cell types. Cell markers can be expressed both extracellularly on the cells surface or as an intracellular molecule. This page covers surface and intracellular cell markers for a variety of cell types including immune cells, stem cells, central nervous system cells, and more. Use the left hand navigation to find markers for your cells of interest.

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