Stratedigm A600 HTAS Auto Sampler

The A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS) enables a whole new way of running plate experiments. We designed the A600 with an all-ceramic precision pump and six injection probes working in concert. 

Coupled with Stratedigm’s patented Visual Protocol Designer, the A600 HTAS integrates automated liquid handling to a cytometry platform. And the result is a high-speed auto sampler that delivers functionality and reliability beyond any other conventional flow cytometer plate loader on the market. This is the new high-throughput flow cytometry standard.


  • Proprietary Flat- 6™ Technology for faster acquisition speed
  • Low volume accuracy and precision with ZERO dead volume
  • Optional upgrades:
    • User-adjustable sample injection volumes from 5-400 µL
    • Probe sterilization between sample aspiration
    • Programmable sample aspiration and mixing
    • Integrated barcode scanner
    • Solid-state temperature control (8-40°C)
    • Patented Visual Protocol Designer
    • Rapid High-Throughput Screening mode