Opto biolabs pxONE Optogenetics platform

Opto biolabs' pxONE is an LED illumination device designed to combine optogenetic experiments with flow cytometry. It illuminates cell samples homogenously and an attached water bath keeps the temperature stable. Software control allows easy selection of light intensity and exposure time.

As a result, optogenetic experiments can be analyzed with over to 20.000 cells/second at single cell resolution. A plethora of established protocols for flow cytometry (calcium flux analysis, apoptosis, multiparameter analysis, cell population analysis etc.) can now easily be adapted to optogenetics.

The pxONE is compatible with BD™ LSR II, BD LSRFortessa™, Cytek™ Aurora, Miltenyi MACSQuant® Analyzer, Bio-Rad ZE5 Cell Analyzer, Beckman Coulter CYTOFlex. Ask us about compatability for other cytometers.

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applications of optogenetic flow cytometry

need inspiration for your next groundbreaking optogenetic research? How about measuring calcium kinetics with optogenetic flow cytometry (OFC) using the pxONE? Simultaneous illumination and recording ensure a seamless and efficient readout of your data. Learn more about OFC in our white paper.

everything under opto control!

with our user-friendly opto control software you don't have to worry about the reproducibility of your optogenetic experiments any longer. Adjust wavelengths, illumination intensities and exposure times or even create complex and automated illumination patterns with just a few mouse clicks.