The EDUCATE environment provides links to a number of commercial and non-commercial resources relating to flow cytometry and antibody-based techniques. You can link directly to the suppliers' websites.

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expedeon Custom Antibody Conjugation Service

Our standard Lightning-Link Conjugation Kits have been designed to work with all IgGs, irrespective of species or subtype, and will generate excellent conjugates. However sometimes our customers find time restraints can mean that outsourcing their conjugation is more effective.

BIO-RAD Antibody Conjugation Service

Bio-Rad offers custom conjugation of an antibody to HRP, biotin or a fluorophore, either to an antibody in our catalog or as a stand-alone service for customer-supplied material. See below for the selection of DyLight dyes, other fluorophores and labels available to choose from. 

BioLegend Custom Conjugation Service

Whether you are looking for a different conjugate of our antibody or need a custom conjugation of your own antibody, BioLegend provides affordable, high-quality custom antibody conjugation service with unbeatable rapid turnaround times. 

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