WORK-FLOW Online Education

WORK-FLOW offers e-Learning courses and support in flow cytometry.

Modern and affordable, our education program eliminates the often-tedious theoretical classes usually employed for user onboarding. It guarantees that everyone receives the same information on common concepts and practical considerations.

The Flow Cytometry Essentials (FCE) course is designed for all individuals interested in understanding the fundamentals of flow cytometry. FCE can serve as general knowledge, a refresher for advanced users, or a prerequisite to instrument training.

The Cytometry Select course series covers specialty topics in a detailed yet accessible style.

As a complement, our proprietary support platform, the FlowHub, centralizes resources and information to efficiently deliver knowledge, leading users from experimental design inception through publication. A convenient tool perfect for continuing education, time-saving guidance, or exploration into new applications.

Below are some of the highlights of our program:

  • Quick access & easy navigation
  • Self-paced, streamlined micro-content
  • Ad-free, subtitled videos & quizzes
  • Original illustrations & interactive tools
  • Logical progression for top completion rate
  • Optimized knowledge retention

WORK-FLOW also maintains the only free repository of validated technical cytometry resources. FlowPublic contains scripts, applications, references, and instructions: tools that present information and guidance, resolve known issues, and add functionality to instrumentation and software.