ThermoFisher Scientific Webinar Series

Technical and educational videos for cell analysis topics

These videos, tutorials and webinars are designed to provide technical and education information for cell analysis platforms, applications and techniques.

How the Click-iT Plus EdU Proliferation Assay works

Measuring DNA synthesis is the most precise way to detect changes in cell proliferation. Image-based proliferation assays generate spatial and temporal results that cannot be detected with other methods. This video describes and compares two of the most referenced image-based proliferation technologies.

Webinar—Breathing new life into hypoxia research

Although the significance of hypoxia in biological processes is well known, creating model systems with accurate control of hypoxic conditions is extremely difficult without access to elaborate systems that allow precise control and maintenance of temperature, humidity, and gases (CO2 and O2) during an experiment. In this webinar we cover:

  • Overview of hypoxia in human diseases
  • Classical methods for setting up hypoxic conditions
  • Novel instruments and reagents for imaging cells in hypoxic conditions