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BIO-RAD Mouse Seroblock FcR

Mouse Seroblock FcR is a rat antibody that recognises mouse CD16 and CD32, cell surface proteins also known as FcRγIII and FcR&gamma:II, respectively. The function of these proteins is to bind IgG molecules via their Fc regions as part of the adaptive immune response.

BioLegend True-Stain Monocyte Blocker™

True-Stain Monocyte Blocker™ has been formulated to block non-specific binding of PE/Dazzle™ 594, PE/Cy5, PE/Cy7, APC/Cy7 and APC/Fire™ 750 commonly seen on monocytes and macrophages.  The blocker is most effective when doing surface staining on live cells prior to the fixation step in a staining protocol.    Learn more.

BIO-RAD Human Seroblock

Human Fc receptors are expressed on a variety of immune cell types including monocytes, macrophages, B cells, granulocytes and dendritic cells. Cells that express Fc receptors can give false positive immunofluorescent staining due to the Fc receptors binding of Ig. Human SeroBlock is designed to prevent such non-specific staining without interfering with appropriate target staining. Human SeroBlock is compatible with use of anti-human antibodies targeting Fc receptors in flow cytometry.

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