BIO-RAD Mouse Seroblock FcR

Mouse Seroblock FcR is a rat antibody that recognises mouse CD16 and CD32, cell surface proteins also known as FcRγIII and FcR&gamma:II, respectively. The function of these proteins is to bind IgG molecules via their Fc regions as part of the adaptive immune response.

CD16 and/or CD32 are expressed by a wide variety of cells, including monocytes, macrophages, B lymphocytes, granulocytes, NK cells, dendritic cells and some activated T lymphocytes. The expression of CD16/CD32 antigens can lead to non-specific binding of test monoclonal antibodies in staining procedures, resulting in “high background” staining on a wide range of cells. This non-specific binding may be blocked by pre-incubation of target cells with BUF041A, resulting in clearer staining. For direct analysis of CD16/32 expression this antibody is also available conjugated directly to FITC (MCA2305F ), AlexaFluor488 (MCA2305A488), AlexaFluor647 (MCA2305A647 ) and RPE (MCA2305PE ).