November 2020

1er Congreso Virtual Iberoamericano de Citometría

09/11/20 - 13/11/20


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1er Congreso Virtual Iberoamericano de Citometría 2020 / 1st Iberoamerican Cytometry Meeting

1er congreso virtual Iberoamericano de citometría LatinFlow-2020Te invitamos a asistir a este evento de 5 días que aborda las aplicaciones de la citometría de flujo en distintas disciplinas de la Investigación en ciencias de la vida y en la Clínica (Inmunología, Biología, Diagnóstico, etc)


Flow cytometry is one of the most used instrumental techniques in our environment and has had a growing and continuous rise. Due to the diversity of applications in research, clinical and industry is necessary to review aspects of physics, immunology, statistics and design of experiments to achieve the understanding of all its applications and possibilities, as well as an ideal management to obtain quality results.

This congress is the first one organised by the Iberoamerican Cytometry Network (Red Iberoamericana de Citometría) a network of more than 7 cytometry societies and members in more than 12 countries. This event is planned for clinicians, researchers, academics, professionals of diverse areas and students who have an interest in the technique and are interested in its foundation, update or deepen in some methodologies and applications. Talks will be mainly in Spanish (but also in Portuguese) for the benefit of the extremely broad Iberoamerican cytometry community. This event is supported by the International Society for Advancement in Cytometry - ISAC, which will be adding the content of this event as CYTOU material.

We are pleased to inform you that the event is having much better acceptance than initially expected and we already have about 1500 Ibero-American registrants from more than 13 countries around the world, not just Latin America. We consider that having almost 400 more registrations than the virtual CYTO2020 shows the need for this type of events and initiatives, so it increases our motivation to continue this project that we have started and develop new and innovative joint actions.

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Basics of Panel Design II

11/11/20 - 11/11/20


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to hold our popular BI/Crick Flow Cytometry Courses as face to face courses.  Therefore we would like to offer scientists the opportunity to join us for a series of free interactive courses. 
Babraham Institute/Francis Crick Institute Interactive Flow Cytometry Course - Basics of Panel Design – 6th October 2020 at 10am BST and repeated on 11th November 2020 at 15.00 GMT (10am EST)
The key to a successful Multicolour Flow Cytometry Experiment is selecting the correct fluorochromes for your experiment.

To complement the Flow Cytometry Courses held at both Babraham Institute and the Francis Crick Institute, we are proud to announce our Interactive Courses. The first of these will be on Panel Design.
Panel Design - This course is aimed at scientists with prior experience in multi-colour flow cytometry but would like a refresher or hints on how to increase the number of colours they use.

Following the use of interactive tools on our face to face courses, we will be involving all delegates during this webinar through exercises and polls.

  • This course is suitable for those who already have some experience in flow cytometry.
  • This course is restricted to 30 delegates.
  • This course is free to attend

Course will last around 2 hours  and content will include:

  • Principle of panel design and the importance of understanding the optical layout of cytometer
  • Several exercises on Panel design (details to be sent to delegates in advance via Google Classroom)

It will be possible during this meeting for delegates to ask questions and to share their screen if there are specific questions about panel design. Delegates are asked to share their panel questions via  Googleclass room in advance of the course.

To book your free place please go to for 6th October course and for the 11th November course

We look forward to welcoming you on our interactive course

Best wishes

Rachael Walker, Babraham Institute
Derek Davies, The Francis Crick Institute