October 2020

Core Facility Leadership and Management Course

22/09/20 00:00 - 09/10/20


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The 2020 course is held in eight half day online sessions between 22 September and 9 October through the Zoom Video Conferencing Software.

Registration deadline for the 2020 Core Facility Leadership and Management Course by GerBI-GMB and hfp consulting: 31 August 2020



We are pleased to announce that the 2020 Core Facility Leadership and Management Course by GerBI-GMB and hfp consulting will be extended to four full days (as eight half-day sessions in the online format), in response to the feedback provided by the participants of the course in 2019. The concept of core facilities, central hubs for demanding technical and analytics services, is rapidly changing how science is carried out at many research institutions. Core facility managers, often academically trained scientists, find themselves in a variety of different roles that demand a broad set of skills they traditionally haven’t been taught in their career. Managing budgets, structuring the facility to work most productively, recruiting the right people, negotiating with partners, clients and vendors, dealing with hierarchy and addressing role conflicts are some of the challenges core facility managers typically face. GerBI-GMB in collaboration with hfp consulting, a group specialised in supporting scientists to improve their leadership and management skills, have developed an intense, interactive and highly specialised workshop that addresses these challenges.   Please find an event report about the GerBI Core Facility Management Course for Imaging Specialists 2014 in: Imaging & Microscopy (page 12)

Course description

In this practical course, designed specifically for core facility managers in the life sciences, you will learn how to:

  • Balance your different roles
  • Build a productive team culture
  • Deal with conflicts constructively
  • Manage your time better
  • Delegate tasks more effectively
  • Deal with different personalities in the team
  • Position your facility in your organisation strategically
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Hire the right people
  • Manage your budget

We approach these topics practically. Short theoretical inputs are followed by extensive exercises. Our goal is to increase the impact of the training by immediately applying the concepts we teach in partner exercises, case studies, and simulations during the workshop. The course language is English.

Course timeline


  • Tuesday, 22 Sep
  • Thursday, 24 Sep
  • Monday, 28 Sep
  • Wednesday, 30 Sep
  • Friday, 2 Oct
  • Monday, 5 Oct
  • Wednesday, 7 Oct
  • Friday, 9 Oct

The online course will take place in eight complementary half-day sessions. Each session will last 3.5 hours (including a break), from 09:00 - 12:30 CEST.

German Society of Cytometry (DGfZ)

28/09/20 09:00 - 02/10/20


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Annual Meeting 2020 goes online

Dear DGfZ members, dear friends of Cytometry,

we are very pleased to invite you to our virtual 30th Anniversary conference of the German Society of Cytometry (DGfZ) from 28.09. – 02.10.2020.

Due to the current pandemic situation, we cannot welcome you personally in Berlin. However, science does not stand still – quite the contrary, cytometry is of great importance now. For that reason, and also because of the 30th Anniversary of the DGfZ conference, we would like to send a positive signal in the form of a new format, namely an online conference: DGfZ will become DiGiFZ 2020 – a digital forum for cytometry in a completely new, exciting format via ZOOM!

We have adapted the program for this purpose:

Of course, we will celebrate the society´s 30th Anniversary with a lecture by Günther Valet, one of the founding fathers of the DGfZ. We are especially pleased that we could win exciting speakers as Michael Dustin for the keynote lecture and Andrea Cossarizza for a Cutting Edge Session on the topic of COVID-19 cytometry.

Our popular Product Slam format will be available online this year and an interactive poster session, where even a poster prize will be awarded. Core facility managers will have the chance to exchange their expertise in our Core Facility Session.

Our partners from industry will present their brand new products and developments in form of a virtual exhibition, in the form of webinars, which start even before the conference begins: Between 28.09. and 02.10., there will be nine Satellite Webinars, including a raffle with great prizes!

Please check out the program for more details – the registration portal is online now: Register here

We hope for your understanding that there will be no call for the Goerttler Prize this year.

Today we would like to invite you to play a part in making this meeting not only an Anniversary for cytometry, but also to set new milestones for the online communication of the community.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to DiGiFZ 2020!

Anja Hauser

Program overview

Register for the conference here

Flow Cytometry Congress

08/10/20 08:00 - 09/10/20

London, United Kingdom

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Flow Cytometry Congress

In 2020 Discover the latest advances in Strategies & Technologies progressing Flow Cytometry and Case Studies in Cellular Analysis. There will be a focus advances in flow cell and sheath fluid design, the development of new fluorophores, and next-generation detection systems, and an applications session exploring the analysis of cell surface antigens, reviewing cell health, cell sorting techniques and the role of flow cytometry in drug development. Talks will also explore the application of flow cytometry in disease monitoring and diagnosis, and approaches to implementation in the clinic.

NEW FOR 2020

  • Analysing sub-cellular targets: RNA and cytokines
  • Novel assays including bead-based assays
  • Inflammation monitoring and analysis
  • Increased focus on the implementation of flow cytometry in a clinical environment
  • Integrating flow cytometry and liquid biopsies for CTC analysis


The meeting is currently in production. If you would like to be involved as a speaker or contribute in some other way, please contact Jack Beard by email.

The goal of the meeting is to deliver these key benefits to attendees:

  • Keep up to date with the latest developments in flow systems and sheath fluid development
  • Discover the current platform technologies advancing flow cytometry in single-cell analysis
  • Explore the role of flow cytometry in a clinical environment
  • Build on existing partnerships and create new collaborations across industry and academia