Miltenyi Biotec Viobility™ Fixable Dyes

The Viobility™ Fixable Dyes allow the discrimination between live and apoptotic or dead cells by flow cytometry. The dyes are suitable for both fixed and unfixed cells. Following reagents are available, addressing different fluorescent channels:

  • Viobility™ 405/452 Fixable Dye (Ex.: 405 nm, Em.: 452 nm)
  • Viobility™ 405/520 Fixable Dye (Ex.: 405 nm, Em.: 520 nm)
  • Viobility™ 488/520 Fixable Dye (Ex.: 488 nm, Em.: 520 nm)

The Viobility™ Fixable Dyes have been developed for the detection and discrimination of dead cells. These dyes react with the primary amine groups of proteins which can be found on the cell surface as well as intracellularly. In contrast to viable cells, dead cells exhibit a compromised cell membrane allowing the Viobility™ Fixable Dyes to enter the cell and stain proteins within the cell. This results in a up to 50-fold brighter fluorescent staining and thus allows the discrimination between dead and viable cells by using a flow cytometer. Viobility™ Fixable Dyes show certain advantages over traditional dead cell–staining dyes like propidium iodide (PI):

  • non-toxic to cells
  • less spillover into other fluorescent channels
  • more flexibility in antibody panel design, as dyes are available for various excitation and emission wavelengths