Miltenyi Biotec MACSPlex™ Assays

MACSPlex™ assays

Multiplex assays for flow cytometry

  • Multiplex-assay technology for miRNA, exosome, and protein quantification using standard flow cytometers
  • Bead-based immunoassay following sandwich immunoassay principle, where a soluble analyte is captured between two antibodies
  • Save time and conserve samples by measuring many analytes at the same time in each sample

MACSPlex™ assays have been designed for determining concentrations of soluble analytes in a single sample. They are provided as MACSPlex™ Kits with predefined panels, ranging from 10 to 39 specificities, or as a customizable option called MACSPlex™ Mix. Each assay provides sufficient reagents for at least 100 tests. They can be performed in a 96-well filter plate, allowing to run 40 samples plus 8 standard curve titrations in duplicate. 

In combination with the Express Modes of our MACSQuant™ Analyzers, MACSPlex™ assays are optimized for automated measurement of beads. They simplify flow cytometric analysis via predefined experiment settings as well as acquisition and analysis templates.