expedeon Beginners Guide to Flow Cytometry

This on-demand webinar brings together a unique combination of content from two speakers with more than 50 years of experience in flow cytometry and antibody labeling. 

  • An outline of the basic principles of flow cytometry, highlighting the underlying simplicity of this powerful technique
  • Key applications based upon antibody staining to identify important cellular sub-populations
  • Considering some further aspects of multi-color flow cytometry

The remarkable strength of multi-color flow cytometry, with ever increasing technical capabilities of new instruments, has not always been followed by the availability of suitable directly conjugated reagents.

Our Lightning-Link® antibody labeling technology has revolutionized reagent availability – if the reagent you need isn’t available in the format you need, you can now prepare your own conjugate in the color of your choice in less than 3 hours (or 15 minutes for our rapid range), with a 100% yield from the unconjugated antibody!

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