BIO-RAD Steps for Successful Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is a powerful tool for analyzing the physical and chemical properties of cells and other components such as nuclei and chromosomes. However, if you are a Flow Cytometry beginner, the whole process can be quite confusing.

In order to get the best results, a lot of forethought and planning is required. In this blog post we simplify the process in five easy steps that will ensure successful results. 

  • Step 1: Plan your experiment in advance
  • Step 2: Carefully prepare your cells
  • Step 3: Control, control, and control
  • Step 4: Make it count- Get the most out of your staining
  • Step 5: Remove doublets and dead cells

Further your flow skills

There you have it. These steps serve as a basic guideline for successful Flow Cytometry results. To further improve your Flow Cytometry skills, we have an array of resources to help you become a Flow master, including protocols, troubleshooting tips, intracellular flow cytometry tips and a handy Introduction to Flow Cytometry guide.

Also check out our Flow Cytometry webinar, which provides further details on optimizing your flow cytometry.