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BIO-RAD Nuclear Staining Dyes

PureBlu™ Nuclear Staining Dyes are designed to specifically stain the nuclei of cells in fixed and unfixed samples for fluorescence microscopy and cell imaging applications

BioStatus DRAQ7™ DROP & GO™

DROP & GO™ is a NEW, ready to use formulation of DRAQ7™ - the far-red/NIR fluorescent DNA dye that ONLY stains nuclei of DEAD / permeabilised cells (even in long-term assays)

BioStatus CyTRAK Orange™ Cell-Permeant DNA probe

CYTRAK Orange™ is a novel orange fluorescent dye related to DRAQ5™ that stains both nucleus and cytoplasm.

It is water soluble and membrane permeant and can be used in LIVE cells in combination with other common fluors, especially GFP fusions, FITC-labelled antibodies and far-red dyes.

BioStatus DRAQ7™ Far-Red Viability probe

DRAQ7™ is a new far-red fluorescent DNA dye that ONLY stains the nuclei in DEAD and permeabilized cells.

DRAQ7™ has many applications in imaging, cytometry and screening and is highly compatible with existing protocols across a wide range of instrumentation platforms.

BioStatus Webinar DRAQ7™ - Monitoring Cell Health

BioStatus DRAQ9™ Far-Red Fluorescent Dye

DRAQ9™ is a NEW, novel far-red fluorescent dye that labels membranous structures in the cytoplasm.

BioStatus DRAQfx™ FIX & GO

DRAQfx™ FIX & GO is a NEW, ready to use formulation of DRAQfx™ - a far-red/NIR fluorescent DNA dye that efficiently stains nuclei of FIXED cells

BioStatus DRAQ5™ Far-Red Cell-Permeant DNA probe

DRAQ5™ is the proven far-red fluorescent DNA dye for LIVE or fixed cell analysis. It is spectrally compatible with most visible-range fluors including GFP/FITC and R-PE.

In microscopy and high content screening, DRAQ5™ allows easy nuclear counterstaining without UV excitation. In flow cytometry, DRAQ5™ allows phenotyping of blood/BM and direct cellular DNA content analysis without any RBC lysis or fixation, permeabilisation or RNase treatment.

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