July 2020

Virtual FlowcytometryUK Open Facilities Forum 3

17/07/20 15:00 - 17/07/20 17:00


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A joint meeting of FlowcytometryUK and the RMS.

This is a follow up meeting to the  Virtual FlowcytometryUK Facility Meeting to establish safe working practices in the COVID-19 era and the Virtual FlowcytometryUK Open Facilities Forum which took place on 15th May and 12th June respectively.

Organisers: Peter O'Toole, Derek Davies, Rachael Walker, Jessica Back

This meeting will be an open forum and points for discussion will include:

  • Training – in person and remotely. What is working and how will training change?
  • Managing finances in the post-Covid era
  • Open session to discuss attendee suggestions
  • Short presentations from sponsoring companies