ThermoFisher Scientific UltraComp eBeads™ Plus

UltraComp eBeads™ Plus Compensation Beads are the second generation of UltraComp beads for use in flow cytometry. Fluorochrome-conjugated antibody binds the spherical particles for use as a single-color compensation controls.

Like the first generation beads, they bind with mouse, rat and hamster antibodies, but also bind with rabbit and recombinant human antibodies. They are designed for use in compensation with all fluorochromes excited by ultraviolet (355 nm) violet (405 nm), blue (488 nm), green (532 nm), yellow-green (561 nm), and red (633-640 nm) lasers. Unlike the first generation beads, UltraComp eBeads™ Plus compensate in a manner similar to cells when used with Brilliant Violet 785/786-, Brilliant Violet 711-, Super Bright 780- and Super Bright 702-conjugated antibodies.

Features include:

  • Multispecies compatibility—bind with mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit and recombinant human antibodies
    Improved fluorophore compatibility

Each drop of beads contains two populations: a positive population that bind with any mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit or recombinant human antibody and a negative population that will not bind with antibody. When a fluorochrome-conjugated antibody is added to the beads, both positive and negative populations are observed. This bimodal distribution can be used for single-color compensation controls to accurately setup instrumentation for multicolor flow cytometry experiments.

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