Spherotech SPHERO™ AccuCount Fluorescent DropDelay

SPHERO™ AccuCount Fluorescent Drop Delay Calibration Particles for Large Cell Sorting

  • Large beads for fine tuning cell sorters that have the appropriate attachment
  • Used to determine the Drop-Charge Delay (DCD) and Laser Time Delays (LTD) during larger cell sorting
  • Labeled with a different fluorophore, Nile Red, than the AccuCount Ultra Rainbow Fluorecent Drop Delay Calibration Particles for Large Cell Sorting, but with matching diameters and concentration
  • Allow for the real-time correction of instrumentation variation when sorting large cells between 20-30 µm in Mazel, S, Fang, F., Semova, S. Semova, Georgala, P., and Gardner, R. “Size Matters”: On the Challenges of Sorting Large Cells with Conventional Droplet Cell Sorters. Poster presented at: 1st CYTO ASIA Scientific Conference; 2017 Oct 25-27; Singapore.