BIO-RAD LYNX Rapid & Rapid Plus Conjugation Kits™

3 Easy Steps & only 30 Seconds Hands-on! 

    LYNX Rapid & Rapid Plus Conjugation Kits have made the direct labeling of antibodies, proteins and peptides so quick and easy. It only takes 3 simple steps, with 30 seconds hands-on time, to obtain high quality and covalently conjugated antibodies.

    • Fast: One-step labeling procedure. It only requires 30 seconds hands on time, with an incubation time of either just 15 mins with the LYNX Rapid Plus Kits or 3 hours with the LYNX Rapid Kits to finish the conjugation
    • Simple: Can be used in the presence of up to 0.1% of sodium azide and 0.5% BSA
    • Instantly ready-to-use: After the conjugation process is finished there is no additional columns or dialysis required. The stable, high-quality labeled antibodies are ready-to-use
    • 100% Recovery: There is no post-conjugation clean-up required, which means 100% yields of labeled antibodies. LYNX Kits not only save you time, but also eliminate the batch-to-batch variation and the loss of your precious antibodies from using the traditional labeling methods
    • Easy scale up: It is the same procedure for labeling small and large quantity of antibodies. This allows you to initially conjugate micrograms of antibody for trial, and then scale up to milligram quantities
    • Applications: Flow cytometry, ELISA, western blotting, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence

    Fig 1. Purified CD4 (MCA1267) and CD8 (MCA1226) were labeled with LNK021RPE and LNK241D650 respectively, and used to stain human peripheral blood. Alternatively directly labeled antibodies were used. The staining shown is lymphocytes gated on the CD3 positive population. CD4 and CD8 positive T cells can be identified in both plots.

    LYNX conjugation kits allow you to label your primary antibody quickly and easily avoiding the use of secondary antibodies with a level of fluorescence you can trust. As can be seen below, where human peripheral blood has been stained, the conjugation kits match the performance of our standard directly conjugated antibodies.