BIO-RAD Cell Viability Products

Reagents in Flow Cytometry, Microscopy and ELISA

Assays and dyes to determine your cell viability

The easy-to-use cell viability assay range offers a choice of assessing the cell health of fixed and unfixed cells and the versatility to measure the viability of cells in Flow Cytometry, Microscopy and ELISA.

Cell Viability Dyes

We offer cell viability assays for assessing cell health during Flow Cytometry. These dyes are excluded by healthy cells with intact membranes. However when added to cells with compromised membranes they can enter the cell and bind to nucleic acids leading to an increase in fluorescence.

Available as ready-to-use solutions to avoid weighing, pipetting and dilution steps, just add 1-2 drops to your sample to assess your cell health.

Fixable Cell Viability Dyes

Fixable cell viability assays can be used to easily discriminate dead cells from live cells in unfixed samples in Flow Cytometry.

Greater fluorescence due to increased content of accessible free amines allows dead cells to be easily distinguished from live cells. They are available in a range of excitation and emission spectra for convenient addition to multi-color Flow Cytometry panels.

Nuclear Staining Dyes

Specifically stain nuclei of fixed and unfixed cells with these easy-to-use nuclear staining dyes.

Our PureBlu nuclear staining dyes are ready-to-use after a single dilution step with no weighing required. Suitable for use in Microscopy, Imaging and Flow Cytometry where nuclear staining is required

Cell Health Reagents

alamarBlue® is an indicator dye which incorporates an oxidation-reduction (REDOX) indicator that both fluoresces and changes color in response to the chemical reduction of growth medium, resulting from cell growth.

alamarBlue assays are a convenient and quick way to measure cell proliferation and cytotoxicity in human and animal cells, bacteria and fungi.