Stream bio CPN™ 680 (Red) Nanoparticles

CPN™ 680 (Red) has ex/em maxima of 400⁄680 which means it is compatible with instruments with 405 nm laser excitation or standard emission filters such as those for Texas Red/TRITC.

CPN™ 680 (Red) can be readily combined with additional CPNs to label multiple cellular proteins or biological sample components within the same mixture with minimal spectral overlap. CPN™ 680  (Red) absorbs in the blue with notable Stokes shift, larger than the majority of organic dyes.

All CPNs™ come PEGylated as standard. CPNs™ are available with a number of surface chemistries including a carboxyl surface, maleimide and alkyne (click chemistry), to fit desired linkage preferences. CPNs™ are also available linked to streptavidin to bind biotinylated molecules.

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