Stratedigm CellCapTure Flow Cytometry Software

Flow Cytometry Software That Does It All

CellCapTure 4.1 has over 125 new features and improvement such as: auto export of FCS files, email notifications, intelligent text boxes, and an all-new automated compensation protocol.

By integrating these powerful features, users only need to be trained on one platform regardless of their needs. For example, the S1000 or SE520 can be fully utilized as a standalone cytometer in tube or single plate mode even when attached to a larger automation system. And as all Stratedigm customers have come to expect, the CellCapTure 4.1 update is included in Stratedigm’s warranties and service contract. Stratedigm’s philosophy of continuous improvement of future-proof platforms allows researchers to use their flow cytometers like never before.

To learn more about our future-proofed instruments and their investment protection characteristics, please contact, visit us at, or our YouTube channel.