expedeon Antibody Purification Kits

When purifying your antibody, we have a range of products that not only clean up your antibody to remove nonprotein additives but can reduce the amount of buffer in your antibody thereby increasing the concentration. 

Our purification kits share a number of key advantages:

  • Quick and easy to use – Save time, no specialist knowledge required
  • High levels of antibody recovery – Save precious reagents
  • Simple to use –Kits contain everything required for successful purification
  • AbSelectTM  – Specifically designed to complement the Lightning-Link® and Thunder-Link® PLUS product ranges
  • AbPureTM – Specifically designed to complement InnovaCoat® GOLD products
  • Antibody Concentration & Clean Up Kit specifically designed for Latex, Europium
  • Species specific purification kits available – Compatibility with labeling kits to ensure optimum conjugation efficiency
  • Scalable – Easy transfer from R&D to manufacturing
  • Easy to use purification flowcharts provided – Simple selection of the appropriate purification kit:
    • Latex & Europium Purification Decision Making Diagram
    • AbPureTM Decision Making Diagram (compatible with nanoparticles)
    • AbSelectTM Decision Making Diagram (compatible with Lightning-Link® and Thunder-Link® labeling kits).