BioLegend Veri-Cells™

As important as good data and results are, having the right controls to interpret and troubleshoot your experiment is just as critical. Whether you need to gate your populations accurately or identify whether your result is unique or artifactual, controls provide context and clarity. Click on each subject below to learn more about the proper control reagents BioLegend offers and for which scenario they can optimally be applied to.


Are most appropriate when you need reference/control cells for longitudinal, multi-center studies.


Reference laboratories, clinical research organizations, and multi-center clinical trials, among other institutions, need reliable controls to monitor assay performance and variability for longitudinal studies. Veri-Cells™ is our line of lyophilized control cell products, which can be used to help monitor data quality and aid in reproducibility in multi-center and longitudinal studies. 

Veri-Cells™ feature:

  • Exceptional long term stability
  • Scatter profile similar to fresh samples
  • Validation for the detection of over 150 markers

For more helpful information on Veri-Cells™, visit the FAQ page.