BioLegend Flow Cytometry Troubleshooting

Having problems with your flow cytometry experiments?

Low SIgnal, High Background/Non-Specific Staining or some other issue?

Low Signal

Low or no signals from your antibody staining, characterized as no signal above the isotype control or unstained control, can be due to a number of different factors depending on your experiment. View the categories to the left to explore possibilities for low signals.


High Background

High background, interpreted as non-specific staining, can be caused by a variety of factors, such as the fluorophore, the antibody, the protocol, the instruments, other reagents, or the data analysis. Explore a broad range of categories to the left that contribute to high background in your staining.



In addition to low signal or high background, there may be other difficulties researchers experience when performing flow cytometry. View these miscellaneous categories to the left.