BIO-RAD Human Lineage Cocktail

Human Lineage Cocktail:Alexa Fluor® 700 is a cocktail of antibodies recognising all leucocytes in human peripheral blood, with the exception of dendritic cells and basophils.

Dendritic cells in peripheral blood are characterised by the phenotype HLA-DR+ve, Lineage Cocktail -ve. Basophils are HLA-DR -ve. Human Lineage Cocktail:Alexa Fluor® 700 may therefore be used in combination with HLA-DR specific antibodies (e.g. MCA1879PE ) to identify peripheral blood dendritic cells.

The individual antibodies in this cocktail are specific for cell subsets as follows:-

  • CD3 T lymphocytes
  • CD14 Monocytes
  • CD16 NK cells, granulocytes
  • CD19 B lymphocytes
  • CD20 B lymphocytes
  • CD56 NK cells