BIO-RAD CytoTrack™ Cell Proliferation Assays

CytoTrack™ Cell Proliferation Assays

CytoTrack cell proliferation assays are designed to efficiently stain live cells for excellent resolution of each cell division generation.

Using a proprietary chemistry, the dye reacts with primary amines and is retained in the cell with minimal efflux, allowing up to 10 cell divisions to be resolved.

As cell division occurs, the dye is successively halved and the different generations can be determined based on the decrease in fluorescence intensities.

Key Benefits of CytoTrack Cell Proliferation Dyes

  • Fix and permeabilize cells stained with CytoTrack dyes for analysis of intracellular targets— compatible with standard formaldehyde-containing fixatives and saponin-based permeabilization buffers
  • Combine CytoTrack assays with fluorescent proteins or fluorophore-labeled antibodies for multicolor cell analysis
  • Save time by using the cell proliferation assay directly with your cell culture media
  • Detect up to 10 cell divisions

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Excellent resolution of ten cell generations using CytoTrack green 511/525 (A) compared to CFDA-SE (B).