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The global antibody and research reagent distributor antibodies-online offers many different resource pages, free of charge. Curious researchers can review basic information about techniques like ELISA and proximity ligation assay, or learn about novel tools like Synthetic Polypeptide Toxins, GFP-Boosters, and antibody arrays. To view the complete collection of resource pages, visit:

A wealth of useful resources for cell analysis techniques, all of which can be accessed by following the link on the right and below.

Flow Cytometry: Using light to count and profile cells

Originally developed in the late 1960s, flow cytometry is an analytical cell-biology technique that utilizes light to count and profile cells in a heterogenous fluid mixture. Flow cytometry is a particularly powerful method because it allows a researcher to rapidly, accurately, and simply collect data related to many parameters from a heterogeneous fluid mixture containing live cells.

To learn about flow-cytometry, visit the antibodies-online resource pageWhat is Flow Cytometry/FACS?” This valuable digital resource contains information on the fundamental basis of flow cytometric analysis. Topics covered include: “What is the difference between conventional flow cytometry and FACS?”, “What does flow cytometry data look like?” and “What does ‘gating’ do in a flow cytometry experiment?”