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BioStatus DRAQ7 Far-Red Viability probe

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DRAQ7™ is a new far-red fluorescent DNA dye that ONLY stains the nuclei in DEAD and permeabilized cells.

DRAQ7™ has many applications in imaging, cytometry and screening and is highly compatible with existing protocols across a wide range of instrumentation platforms.

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DRAQ7™ is available in two concentrations: 0.3mM and 1mM. The 0.3mM Packs come in two sizes; 250μl and 1ml. The 1mM Pack comes in one size - 1ml - and is meant for higher volume applications. Please get in touch if you would like to order bulk volumes of DRAQ7™. You can order DRAQ7™ directly from the website.

The Science

DRAQ7™ is a small molecule closely related to DRAQ5™. It has peak absorbances at 600nm and 646nm. It fluoresces in the far-red / near infra-red (NIR) peaking at 697nm (bound to dsDNA). On a flow cytometer it is possible to detect DRAQ7™ using blue laser (488nm) excitation.



Multi-wavelength imaging with UV / vis fluorochromes:

  • NO fluorescence enhancement upon DNA binding
  • low photobleaching effect
  • compatible with optics of flow, laser scanning cytometers and confocal and lamp-based fluorescence microscopes

Why DRAQ7™?

DRAQ7™ is an ideal far-red DNA counterstain for IF/IHC, high content screening and cell-based assays. DRAQ7™ has many applications and is highly compatible with existing protocols across a wide range of instrumentation platforms. Key benefits include:-

  • does NOT enter intact, live cells
  • it is excited by blue through red lasers
  • DRAQ7™ is NON-TOXIC in long-term culture
  • an ideal replacement for propidium iodide (and 7-AAD) having far better spectral properties: no UV excitation and no emission overlap with PE and homologues
  • allows a new design of combination analysis for cell health and status
  • viability/integrity can be directly interchanged with DRAQ5™ (DNA content)
  • rapid staining of dsDNA/nuclei of DEAD or permeabilised cells
  • combination with live cell dyes for dead/live discrimination
  • easy to use - no wash, no RNase needed
  • ideal for use with GFP & FITC labels - DRAQ7™ fluoresces in the far-red region
  • Cost-effective analysis

Technical Information

  • DRAQ7™ is supplied as a blue aqueous solution in two concentrations: 0.3mM and 1.0mM.
  • Products are shipped at ambient temperature, but on receipt packs should be stored at 2-8°C. Do NOT freeze!
  • DRAQ7™ can be diluted in culture media (e.g. RPMI 1640) and physiological buffers (eg PBS, Hanks’s, etc.) and mixed with fixatives such as formaldehyde.