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SPHERO™ Particles for Fine Tuning Cell Sorters

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SPHERO™ Drop Delay Calibration Particles

Fine tune your sorter with the appropriate attachment and Spherotech Drop Delay Particles. The Drop Delay Calibration Particles are used to determine the drop delay value. As a result, the accuracy and productivity can be improved while sorting.

The Spherotech Cat. No. DDCP-70-2 is 2mL at 108 particles/mL of a single population of fluorescent particles. In addition, these particles contain a mixture of fluorophores which allow detection in several channels of flow cytometers.

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SPHERO™ Drop Delay Calibration Particles

- Particles for fine tuning cell sorters that have the appriopriate attachment
- Used to determine the drop delay value
- Improves the accuracy and productivity while sorting

Catalog No.
Nominal Size
Package Size
Drop Delay Calibration Particles
6.0-8.0 µm
2 mL