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Diaclone DIAplex

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DIAplex assay is a sensitive multiplex fluorescent bead-based immunoassay for the simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes from a single sample by flow cytometry.

Utilising bead populations with distinct fluorescence intensities and unique antibody specificities DIAplex can accurately measure multiple analytes in a single sample with a significantly reduced assay time and sample volume requirement when compared to traditional ELISA techniques.

The benefits of DIAplex bead based multiplex immunoassays:

  • Measure up to 10 analytes simultaneously from a small sample volume
  • Choose from ready configured detection panels or create your own
  • Simple to use software provided free of charge
  • Test either serum, plasma or cell culture supernatants
  • Compatible with most flow cytometers
  • Cost effective & time saving with multiple results from a single experiment
  • NIBSC standard calibration
  • Robust validation
  • Accurate quantitative results