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Biomarker multiplex service on LUMINEX xMAP platform

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The biomarker multiplex immunoassays service offer by LaboSpace is an high efficient tools for measuring the levels of multiple proteins in a single sample volume using the Bead-based Multiplex solution by Luminex® Platform.

Luminex bead-based multiplex assays are designed to enable large numbers of biological tests (bioassays) to be conducted and analyzed quickly, cost-effectively and accurately.

The required sample volume is 50uL and allows researchers to collect more data in less time than other assays. Customers may generate highly efficient multiplex assays through the selection of up to 100 analytes available within the LaboSpace service offer.

Easy to do, select your samples specie check the marker you need and ask us a quote and any support you need.

Key Features points:

  • Assays are performed in our ISO9001:2008 laboratory
  • Flexible: Up to 100 biomarkers simultaneously profiled on a selection of over 220 markers
  • Multispecies available: human, mouse, and rat analytes
  • Samples validated: Serum, Plasma, Cell culture supernates, Cell lysates, Urine, Human breast milk, Human saliva

If a desired assay has not been validated for your sample type, custom sample-type evaluation is available and
typical sample type evaluation includes:

  • Spike and recovery to identify matrix interference
  • Linearity of sample dilution
  • Inter-assay precision & reproducibility (between different plates)
  • Intra-assay precision & reproducibility (within a plate)
  • Sample Collection & Shipping Kits available on request
  • Overnight samples collection available over all Europe at a special rates
  • Capability of -80° and -20° long term storage with certified track
  • Special support for GLP clinical samples management

 Results in 1 week from the samples/kit receipt.