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Bio-Rad LYNX Rapid & Rapid Plus Conjugation Kits®

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LYNX Rapid & Rapid Plus Conjugation Kits® have made the direct labeling of antibodies, proteins and peptides so quick and easy.

It only takes 3 simple steps, with 30 seconds hands-on time, to obtain high quality and covalently conjugated antibodies.

3 Steps, only 30 seconds Hands-on, 100% Yields of Labelled Antibodies!

Fast: One-step labeling procedure. It only requires 30 seconds hands on time, with an incubation time of either just 15 mins with the LYNX Rapid Plus Kits® or 3 hours with the LYNX Rapid Kits® to finish the conjugation

  • Simple: Can be used in the presence of up to 0.1% of sodium azide and 0.5% BSA
  • Instantly ready-to-use: After the conjugation process is finished there is no additional columns or dialysis required. The stable, high-quality labeled antibodies are ready-to-use
  • 100% Recovery: There is no post-conjugation clean-up required, which means 100% yields of labeled antibodies. LYNX Kits not only save you time, but also eliminate the batch-to-batch variation and the loss of your precious antibodies from using the traditional labeling methods
  • Easy scale up: It is the same procedure for labeling small and large quantity of antibodies. This allows you to initially conjugate micrograms of antibody for trial, and then scale up to milligram quantities
  • Applications: Flow cytometry, ELISA, western blotting, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence