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Miltenyi Biotec Vio® Dyes

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  • Bright: superior mean fluorescence intensity for excellent signals
  • Distinct: high stain index for clear population discrimination
  • Hassle-free: ideal for multicolor experiments due to low compensation

Vio® Dyes are a family of fluorochromes for flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy developed by Miltenyi Biotec. VioBlue®, VioGreen™, VioBrightTM FITC, PE-Vio770™, and APC-Vio770™ Dyes are characterized by high fluorescence intensities and low spillover, making them an ideal choice for multicolor applications. Combined with traditional fluorochromes, such as FITC, PE, PerCP, and APC, the new Vio Dyes expand Miltenyi Biotec’s antibody offering and provide you with a greater selection of antibodies for multiparameter flow cytometry.