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BioStatus DRAQ7 DROP & GO

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DROP & GO™ is a NEW, ready to use formulation of DRAQ7™ - the far-red/NIR fluorescent DNA dye that ONLY stains nuclei of DEAD / permeabilised cells (even in long-term assays)

READY TO GO - specially formulated liquid in a quick and easy to use dropper
PRE-MEASURED – simply apply 2 drops to 0.5ml of cell suspension and go analyse!
2 PACK SIZES - starter pack (1x 30 flow cytometry assays), regular pack (3x 30 flow cytometry assays)


  • Flow cytometry – dead cell exclusion, apoptosis, cell health
  • Cell sorting – dead cell exclusion to “dump” channel
  • Fluorescence microscopy – cell health and in vitro toxicity

CLICK HERE for 2 Quick Protocols

DOWNLOAD Channel- & compensation-free dead cell exclusion poster presented at ESCCA 2017

DOWNLOAD the Channel-Free Dead Cell Exclusion with DRAQ7 Application Note

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You can order DRAQ7 DROP & GO™ directly via the webpage image above