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Miltenyi Biotec MACS® Comp Bead Kits

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The MACS® Comp Bead Kits have been developed for optimal compensation of fluorescence spillover of fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies.

Most small molecule and protein-based fluorochromes have broad emission spectra which partially overlap with the spectra of other fluorochromes in flow cytometric analysis. This overlap should be detected and corrected for proper analysis. After staining with fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies, the MACS Comp Bead Kits can be used for automated or manual compensation along with the MACS Comp Beads – blank for the control of the negative population.

Figure 1

The MACS Comp Beads – anti-mouse Igκ were labeled with antibodies conjugated to FITC and PE and analyzed. Gating was performed on single bead events (A). MACS Comp Beads are shown before (B) and after (C) compensation using the Compensation Multicolor program with the MACSQuant® Analyzer.