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ImmunoChemistry Technologies Apoptosie Assays

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ImmunoChemistry Technologies (ICT) is the expert source for apoptosis assays and caspase assays for apoptosis detection and imaging. Our cell-based apoptosis assays are used by biomedical researchers all over the world to investigate biological systems and the effects of disease and treatment.

Apoptosis is a form of cell suicide mediated by a cascade of proteolytic enzymes known as cysteine proteases, or caspases. Caspase assays, live/dead stains, and mitochondrial permeability assays are essential in the investigation of cellular apoptosis and cell death.

Our apoptosis assays are used in cultured cells (in vitro) and tissue samples (ex vivo) to assess a wide range of cell and disease-state pathologies including apoptosis, cell death, caspase activity, necrosis, cytotoxicity, oxidative stress, cancer biology, and neurodegeneration, among other applications.

We offer a wide range of apoptosis assay kits for research use, including caspase assays, annexin V assays, cytotoxicity assays, protease assays, cell imaging stains, and mitochondrial permeability assays.

FLICA® Caspase Assay Kits: The Standard in Apoptosis Detection

Our most popular apoptosis assay is the FLICA® caspase assay, which has become the new standard in apoptosis detection. FLICA® assays, or Fluorescent-Labeled Inhibitor of CAspases, are cell-permeant fluorescent cell-based assays used to quantitate caspase activation, apoptosis, and necrosis by detecting intracellular caspase activity and membrane permeability in cultured cell or tissue samples.

The FLICA caspase and apoptosis detection method utilizes fluorescent caspase inhibitor probes for detecting activated caspases 1, 2, 3&7, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13 or poly caspase activity in cultured cells or tissues. With FLICA® caspase and apoptosis assays, researchers can easily determine the apoptotic effect of an experimental condition. 

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Apoptosis Detection in vivo, in vitro, or in real time with Fluorescent Cell-Based Assays from ICT

FLIVO® Assay Kits: in vivo Apoptosis Assays for Animal Studies

Notice: Pursuant to the sale of FLIVO technology (see Press Release), FLIVO® products have been discontinued from the ImmunoChemistry Technologies catalog. Products were available for sale until December 31, 2014.

Magic Red® Assay Kits: Cell-Based Assays to Monitor Caspase-3 Activity or Cathepsin Activity

Magic Red™ Cathepsin and Caspase-3/7 Assays utilize cell-permeant fluorescent substrate 
probes to quantitate caspase-3/7 activity or cathepsin activity in cultured cell samples. These unique detection assays are not ELISAs and do not use antibodies; these protease assays utilize cell-permeant fluorogenic substrates specifically targeted by active enzymes.

Each Magic Red substrate contains a target peptide sequence linked to Magic Red™ fluorophore molecules (also known as cresyl violet), which fluoresce red when the substrate is cleaved by the specific active enzyme (caspases 3 & 7, cathepsin B, K, or L). As protease activity progresses and more substrate is cleaved, the red fluorescent signal increases, allowing for real time monitoring 
of the intracellular protease activity.

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