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BioLegend's Viability Dyes

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Having a viability dye in your flow cytometry panel is very important, as dead cells and debris can bind to reagents non-specifically. Well-known standards like 7-AAD and Propidium Iodide are typically appropriate, but can cause issues if samples must be fixed and permeabilized (specifically, the dyes can dislodge from nucleic acids).

As such, BioLegend provides live/dead fixable indicators: Zombie Dyes. Learn more about the excitation and emission spectra of these dyes and how they can help your analysis with our website.

It is critical to understand the degree of cell death in any flow cytometry assay and exclude those cells from the analysis. BioLegend provides DNA dyes, Propidium Iodide and 7-AAD, that enter and stain dead cells, but are impermeable to live cells for rapid, cost-effective analysis of unfixed cells. In cases where cell fixation is required, we now introduce fixable Zombie Aqua™, Zombie Green™, Zombie NIR™, Zombie Red™, Zombie Violet™, Zombie UV™, and Zombie Yellow™. Learn more about our tools for live/dead cell discriminationon our webpages…