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Bio-Rad VivaFix™ Fixable Viability Dyes

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VivaFix™ Cell Viability Assays assist researchers in accurately discriminating between live and dead cells in fixed or unfixed samples by flow cytometry or cell sorting.

The proprietary components of VivaFix Fixable Viability Dyes covalently bind to free primary amines: in live cells, these fixable viability dyes bind to the cell surface primary amines. In dead cells, where the membrane is compromised, the dyes are able to permeate the cells and also react with intracellular primary amines (Figure 1). Due to the greater amount of accessible free amines, the dying cells acquire a brighter fluorescence compared to the live cells, allowing the live and dead cell populations to be easily distinguished

Fig. 1. VivaFix Cell Viability Assay chemistry. A, live cell with VivaFix Dye bound to surface primary amines. B, dead cell with VivaFix Dye bound to surface and intracellular primary amines.

Key Benefits of Fixable Viability Dyes

  • Compatible with fixed and unfixed cells
  • Provides unbiased discrimination between live and dead cell populations — at least 100-fold difference in fluorescence intensity
  • Offered in a wide range of excitation and emission spectra to fit any multicolor experiment

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