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Sysmex Flow Cytometry Antibodies

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Sysmex– Your partner in Flow Cytometry with our new antibody portfolio

We appear to have a common interest – identifying and understanding cells. Like you, we want to understand their characteristics, immune defence mechanisms and malign degenerations. To do so, we are expanding our scope to include dedicated flow cytometry in biomedical research. Now we can support you in your research as an active partner, developing novel diagnostics and therapy protocols.

We are starting with a fresh team of dedicated people who will provide the scientific and industry experience. Clinical research is particularly interesting as it is the breeding ground for improvements in diagnosis, therapy and consequently patients’ quality of life. And it perfectly reflects our mission of Shaping the Advancement of Healthcare.

As we develop our solutions, we are starting on a new journey of understanding cells even more thoroughly than before. We are confident that combining your expertise and our deep-rooted knowledge – including all that we have learned over the years as the global leader in haematology - will lead to great advances. For everyone involved: you, us and your patients.

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